Mom & Baby provides a heartfelt postpartum care visiting service with the same heart as a parent.
Sincerely congratulate you on the birth of your baby, the most precious gift in the world.

Mom and Baby Postpartum Care Center

We will make the place where the most precious new life in the world was born into memorable and happy moments for a lifetime with the warm hearts and sincere hands of Mom and Baby caregivers.

Mom & Baby Postpartum Care Center considers the lifelong health of mothers and babies.

*All care providers are tested for Covid-19 and always do their best to prevent infection.

Postpartum Care Service

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A caregiver commutes to a mother’s home
Mon-Fri: 9am - 6pm
Sat. Sun: 9am - 2pm (optional)

In-Home Care

A caregiver moves into a mother’s home and stays together. (Mon - Fri)


5 days per week (9am - 2pm)
(1pm - 6pm) Extens & Only
local location

In-Home Care(other states)

In-Home Care is available for mothers living in other states New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Maryland, Washington D.C.

We provide total postpartum care services to help mothers recover quickly with
incomparable know-how and sincerity.
The service includes nutrition management for mothers and newborns,
body management for mothers, breast massage to prevent mastitis,
abdominal massage,sit-bath, foot bath, and maternal gymnastics.

Excellent and faithful service with love and care by Mom & Baby! I had the first postpartum service from Principal Theresa Kim three years ago, and this year for my second one again. Ms Seo (2020) and Ms Kim (2017) prepared seat/foot bath, massage, baby care and massage, healthy foods with essential nutritions for fast recovery, etc and so many!! I still keep in touch with them and share my kids growing updates. You won't go wrong with this service if you are looking for someone who is truly responsible and caring. Thank you and love you, Mom & Baby!
Eunmi Cha
Had their service for 5 weeks right after the baby birth. Ms Seo and Ms Kim have taken great care of my wife and the baby. Thanks to their service, my wife has recovered successfully and the baby has grown healthy. Very professional, dedicated, and highly recommended for anyone looking for postpartum recovery and newborn care.
Soo Park
It was a wonderful postpartum experience. The caregiver who took care of the baby and I were fabulous. My baby and I were super comfortable being with her just like family. She cooked full of nutrition and delicious meals to support my body to recover quickly and helped increase milk supply for the breastfeeding. The massage she gave me relaxed my tense muscles which I really needed. Without this service, I wouldn't be able to fully recover from the intense labor and baby blue.
Meroux Kim